Computer Department


The Department offers Compulsory Basic computer knowledge of Windows and Ms. Office and provides Certificates for the same.
Syllabus for the Course is given below:
Ms Word
Ms Publisher
Ms Excel
Ms Powerpoint
Ms Access
Windows and Internet

It also offers Advanced Computer Courses on Computer Programming languages like C, C++ and Java, as well as Web Designing Courses, along with Certificates, as part of skill development programme.

Number of institutional techniques are adopted like the desktop computers, splitters, scanner, printer etc. along with free internet facility to facilitate teaching learning methodologies. The department’s prime emphasis is on infrastructure and learning resources as essential for creating an excellent academic environment. The computer laboratory has been updated with latest Core i3 /Core i7 machines to enhance the teaching learning process and all the machines are well equipped with useful and important software and hardware.

Programmes and modules are designed and delivered efficiently by the department, making optimum use of resources.

Practical examinations are conducted after completion of individual modules. The students are awarded with certificates according to their merit and also for their efforts.

We continue to provide updated, interesting, and challenging courses for students, expanding this range where there are new opportunities and demand.