Department Events 2022-2023

The Ratna Chatterjee Memorial Lecture


Department of Geography - Special Lecture

Field trip to the South Park Street Cemetery

Workshop on First-Aid and Health Education

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

A Special Assembly Commemorating International Women's Day

Visit to Natya Shodh Sansthan

Visit to St. John’s Church,Kolkata

Memorial Service for Mrs.Eva Dasgupta

Field trip to RBI Museum

Mary Ward Assembly

Excursion: PG Department of English

Talk on Research Methodology: Department of History

Special Lecture on English Phonetics

The Place of a Child in National and International Law: A Human Rights Perspective

Galaxy Education System

Special Lecture on Qualitative Research

Visit To The Scottish Cemetery

Shadows Behind The Mask: A Panel Discussion

Book Launch: Department of Geography

National Pollution Prevention Day

Special Lecture: Human Rights Department

Special Lecture: 'Health is Capital'

Commemoration of National Education Day: Special Lecture & Book Release

Panel Discussion - Mahatma Gandhi and His Ideas on Education: Reflection on National Education Policy 2020

Special Talk on Decentralisation and Fiscal Federalism

B.ED Orientation Programme: 2022

The Lost Glory of Vade Mecum

Interdisciplinary International Seminar

Excursion to the Indian Museum

Department of B.Ed. Teachers' Day Celebrations 2022

ISR STEAM Experimental Learning Workshop

Independence Day Celebration, 2022

Research Cell Student Paper Presentation

Interdisciplinary Webinar

The Ethnographic Method: Themes, Perspectives & Scope

A voyage into the archives of Indian Theatre

Special Lecture by Mrs. Kaveri Dutt

HR Field Visit

Some Facets of Revolutionary Nationalism in Bengal

Celebration of World Book Day


The Partition of India, 1947: Continuities, Legacies and Silences

Understanding Popular Culture from a Sociological Lens

Webinar on Yoga and Mental Health

Write Your Mind

Historia 2022

New Challenges in Education and the New Age Teacher

Virtual Round Table - Federalism and Mutual Understanding

Webinar on Nationalism in Bengal

Visit To The International Book Fair

A Visit To South Park Street Cemetery


Academic Orientation by Dept.of Geography

Web Talk on Historical Research

Department of B.Ed. Panel Discussion

Webinar on Sustainable Mountain Tourism - International Mountain Day

Psychoanalysis Today, in an Era of Quick-Fix

National Pollution Prevention Day

APA Style Research Paper Referencing and Formatting

WebTalk on The Beacon Beckons: Steering Graduates to a Career in Civil Services

Manju Dasgupta Memorial Lecture

The Annual Dr Neelu Singhvi Sancheti Memorial Lecture

Web Talk on Entrepreneurship- Entrepodium

Virtual Book Release

Human Rights & Empowerment Career-Oriented Course

A Tribute to the "Ocean of Knowledge"

Poster Competition by Statistics Department

International Trade Times: The Economics of Trade Policy in Practice

India as A Plural Society: Contexts and Categories

Inter College Event: Department of Education

Celebration of International Yoga Day

World Music Day

Online Debate Competition

Celebration of National Reading Day

An Awareness Programme on Gender and Employment

Mental Health- It's Okay Not To Be Okay

Online Essay Competition conducted by The Department of Economics

Tribes and Social Exclusion in India: Sociology of Education Approach

Environmental Awareness Campaign

Social Awareness Campaign on Electoral Rights

A Drop of Ink

Academic Orientation for First Year students

Online School Survey Report

All The World's A Stage - Dept. of English

Heritage Course, Department of History

Web Talk- Economics Department

100 in 100 Campaign: In Conversation with Loreto College

Aspects of Tragedy: 24 February, 2021

Exploring Paradise Lost: 24 February, 2021

Web Talk : Department of Sociology

Special Lecture: Department of Education

Online Lesson Observation

Ecolore '21

Web Talk by Mrs. Ushashi Ghosh

A Web Talk on News and Reporting


Inter- Semester Students' Panel Discussion

Historia 2020-2021

Department of Sociology: Web-talk

Web Talk for Students Dis-ABILITY: Nothing is Impossible

Web talk by Dr. Jai Ranjan Ram

Workshop on Story Maps

Report on B. Ed. Farewell Programme

Intercollege Online Debate Competition

Department of Journalism & Mass Communication Web Talk on Prospects of Advertising during the Pandemic and in the Post-Pandemic Scenario

National Webinar organised by the Dept. of B.Ed

Interdisciplinary Webinar for Students by Departments of Education, Human Rights and Sociology

History Department Web-Talk on Being Upper Skagit

International Webinar by Dept. of Education

International Webinar titled ’Reading Democracy: Global Perspectives, Contentions and Debates’

’Modernism in Perspective’ - A webinar organised by Department of English, Loreto College in collaboration with Department of English, Lady Brabourne College

History Department Web-Talk on 20th August 2020

Report of The International Webinar Organised by The Department of B.Ed.

International Webinar by Department of Geography

Revisiting Humanity and Life - Online Competition by the Department of Education, Loreto College

National Webinar on Data Journalism & Data Analytics Using Python

Webinar organized by the Department of Economics on July 23, 2020

Paper Presentation By A Student Of The Department Of B. Ed.

Online Poster making competition by the B.Ed. Department

Poster Presentation by the students of the Department of Psychology

Call for Papers & Call for Posters organised by Dept. of Human Rights & Dept. of Sociology

Report: Roland Barthes’ ’Death of an Author’: Presentation by M. A. 2nd Years

Intra-Department Online Essay Competition by the Department of Economics

Results of ’Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion’ organized by Department of Education

Geography Department Online Competition

Colloquy: Online Debate Competition by Economics Department

Department of Education: activity for Semester-2 students on the theme ’Reflect and Share’

Online Poster Making - Psychology Department

Result for Reminiscence: an Online Collage Making & Video competition organized by the Dept. of Education

Creative Writing Competition by Dept. of Education

Department of B.Ed, Creative Writing Competition April 2020

Heritage Course 2020