Environmental Awareness Campaign

Department of B.Ed. Environmental Awareness Campaign on - 'Protect The Environment - Prevent Pandemics'

The Department of B.Ed., Loreto College, Kolkata, in collaboration with Loreto Day School, Sealdah, organised a virtual Environmental Awareness Campaign on the theme 'Protect the Environment - Prevent Pandemics' for the students of Class X of the school. The virtual campaign was conducted by the B.Ed. trainees on Google Meet on June 4, 2021. The session began with the teacher trainees of the Department of B.Ed. Loreto College, Kolkata, addressing the students, with a famous quote by Walt Whitman, on the importance of human role in the prevention of diseases and death. The campaign then proceeded with an illustrated discussion on the idea of pandemics, the history of various pandemics throughout the world in different timeframes and how humans have overcome each of these. The session was made even more effective for the school students with the help of a short relatable video on the need for preserving nature. The discussion was further carried on with a graphical representation of the emergence of new viruses all over the world and the failure of preventive measures taken for various pandemics. The need for establishing global solidarity in order to cope with the impact of pandemics was also discussed. An engaging activity was conducted with active and spontaneous participation of the school students through which, the importance of environmental conservation was established. The session ended with an illustrative discussion on the significance of sustainable development in protecting the environment and the role of human beings in the prevention of future pandemics. Various measures that could be taken by the students themselves in this respect, were discussed. Finally, the teacher trainees collectively took a pledge with all the students to act responsibly and collectively towards a promising future. The campaign focused on making the students aware of the gravity of pandemics, the measures that can be taken to prevent pandemics, and the role of students as citizens of tomorrow, in being the harbingers of a better tomorrow. The campaign ended with vote of thanks delivered by a trainee teacher from the B.Ed. Department, Loreto College. We are grateful to the Principal of Loreto Day School, Sealdah Ms. Margaret King and Ms. Shimu Roy for their immense support and cooperation.