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Change from a Goal mindset to a Growth mindset -

Opportunities come in many forms and it is important to ask yourself how far you can go rather than how long will it take? Growth allows you to expand yourself and you notice that you have come a long way than when you first started. Everyone is destined to a different path with the only common factor being the struggles and challenges to get to your goal. How you perceive these obstacles along with actions, culminates in bringing about small victories. I shifted from a two decade stint in the travel industry to the overseas education sector where I found new opportunities to learn and grow in the industry and the journey has been incredibly rewarding. What I have learnt from many of my life's experiences is to never say no to at least hearing about an opportunity. There is a purpose when something comes your way and that my friend would help you level up.

Cecilia Shiu
Sr.Counselor, Global Reach