Online Intra-college MUN agenda : ’Situation in Kashmir: An Undeclared War’ (Freeze Date: 17. 09. 2016)

"Our men have lost their spirit
Our women have lost their smile,
Our children have lost their laughter,
The valley has lost its shine,
Weep softly O mother
For, we still have our pride."

To discuss and deliberate on how to solve the everlasting political saga of Kashmir, The Debating Society of Loreto college is organising an Online Intra-college MUN as a United Nations Security Council Crisis Committee, to discuss the agenda : ’Situation in Kashmir: An Undeclared War’ (Freeze Date: 17. 09. 2016).

Date : 19th and 20th of June

Time : 10am-12pm and 3pm-5pm (both days).

The event will be conducted over Zoom. However, it will be password protected.

Everyone is welcomed to participate, irrespective of your experience in the domain of public speaking. The registration is completely free, and all participants will receive certificates.

After you register for the event, the allotment (the country you will be representing) will be provided through email.

We will provide study guides for research and information related to committee proceedings for your benefit. First timers are encouraged to participate.

The last date for registration is *7th June*.