Espérer: An online creative writing competition

During the period of social distancing and lockdown, the Literary Society of Loreto College conducted an online creative writing competition called ’Espérer’ in three languages: English, Bengali and Hindi. The event was held from 25th April to 27th April 2020. Participants were required to write a prose, passage or a poem on the theme of ‘Hope’, using the prompts given to them as inspiration. With due appreciation for all the participants, for their effort, the judges evaluated the entries strictly on the basis of quality and merit. We were honoured to have Dr. Subhasree Ghosh Basu, Dr. Amrita Dasgupta and Dr. Rakhi Roy Halder as the judges of English, Bengali and Hindi respectively. We express our sincere gratitude to our Principal, Sister Christine Countinho for her unstinting support and our staff advisors for their constant guidance throughout this endeavour.

The winners of Espérer are:

1st: Meeyong Tinni Lama, History Honours, First Year.
2nd: Ayanika Das, Political Science Honours, Second Year.

1st: Akanchha Khettry, PG-2
2nd: Raka Mukherjee, PG-1
No second runner-ups.

1st: Sushma Ghoshal, English Honours, 1st Year.
2nd: Sanjana Jaiswal, English Honours, 1st Year .
3rd: Swikriti Tripathi, English Honours, 2nd Year.
No entries received from PG dept.

Certificate of Appreciation: Ananya Sarkar, English Honours, Second Year.

Certificate of Appreciation: Eeshita Chatterjee, PG-2