International Yoga Day: observations by NSS

The 21st of June is celebrated as the International Yoga Day globally ever since its inception in 2015. The day marks the appreciation and acknowledgement of this holistic approach towards health and well being of humans through YOGA. This International Yoga Day, the National Service Scheme Society of Loreto College encouraged the students to practice the various asanas of yoga at home. The students were required to send the pictures or short video clips while performing the asanas, to the Society. This initiative was taken to ensure the physical, mental and spiritual well being of the students in these troubled times. The students showcased several difficult asanas like riba drisana, natrajasana, virbhadrasana, etc. The pictures and videos have been compiled into a minute long video. The society looks forward to organising further such events in the future with the help of its members.

   Yoga Day 2020