Report on INTRA-MUN 2020

The Debating Society of Loreto College organised an online Intra-Model United Nations event, for the students of Loreto College, on the 19th and 20th of June. The committee being simulated was United Nations Security Council with the agenda discussing the situation in Kashmir. The committee was different from others because it was set in the year 2016, giving the students a chance to choose an alternate fate for Kashmir. The event was spread over two days, with four hours of committee on each day, conducted via Zoom. The MUN was chaired by Mr. Ritam Dutta Chowdhury, an avid debater and seasoned chair at a host of Model UN conferences across the city.

The committee was a constant crisis committee wherein new challenges and emergencies were thrown at the delegates from time to time. From a terrorist becoming a part of the committee to a war-like situation between India and Pakistan, the students skilfully handled all situations. The highlight of the committee was when India and Pakistan decided to set aside all their issues and resolved the age old Kashmir crisis. This MUN allowed the students to voice their opinions and come up with solutions for a crisis that has existed for decades.

At the end of the two days, the participants had not only gained more insight on the topic but were also able to understand the working of the United Nations.