Online Article / Fiction / Poster / Illustration Competition organized by The Women's Studies Society

At the wake of an unprecedented pandemic sweeping across the globe, India, since March 2020, has been fighting it with a nationwide Lockdown, protracted inevitably. Much as it has reinvigorated the environment, it has also affected the country’s economy detrimentally. With major demographic curves gliding steadily downwards, society in general and especially domestic spheres have been critically affected. One such subject is the women safety question. Nationwide Lockdown is witnessing a steep unprecedented rise in domestic violence on women and children often leading to severe mental ill health issues. Global lockdown has affected the economy and the domestics as a result of which ‘Home’ for many has now become a place of abuse, threat and oppression. In the virtual world, with excessive use of social media, violence has extended to unhealthy textual and graphic harassment irrespective of gender.

Keeping this observation and the ensuing questions in purview, Women’s Studies Society of Loreto College had organized an online competition, inviting articles, posters, stories from the undergraduate, postgraduate and B.Ed. students of the college. There have been very enthusiastic responses from the students among whom, three best entries in each category of poster, poetry, article, short fiction have been selected and results have been declared. The Society plans to come up shortly with the web version of a publication with the entries.


First - Maleeva Roy Majumdar – B.Ed Sem2
Second – Sneha Mullick – B.Ed Sem 2
Third – Aranya Das - Department of English – Sem 4

First – Hindola Ray – B.Ed Sem 2
Second – Debdutta Basu – B.Ed Sem 2
Third – Vrinda Mishra – B.Ed Sem 2

Poster Painting
First – Sadaf Afreen Mondal – UG Sem 4
Second – Megha Ghosh – B.Ed Sem 2
Third – Poulami Ghosh – B.Ed Sem 2