National Cleanliness Day, 2022

Following the National Service Scheme objectives of understanding community work, sharing responsibilities and developing a sense of civic responsibility, the volunteers upheld Goal 15 viz. Life on Land, one of the important Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the occasion of National Cleanliness Day, observed on January 30, 2022. Well-being, sanitation and clean environment being few of the primary aims in this regard, 17 volunteers participated in campus cleaning and plantation drive. The activities were conducted between 10 a.m.-12 p.m, within the campus of Loreto College, Kolkata, maintaining Covid protocols. Volunteers enthusiastically took the initiative of cleaning the lawn and adjoined pathways, following which plants were potted with the objective of allowing more space for their development. Through these simple tasks, the volunteers were able to realize their basic duty towards environment and how day-to-day measures can largely impact the surroundings around us. National Cleanliness Day must not be understood as a one day project, rather, an every day practice.

Volunteers list:

1. Mehek Akhtar (Education Honours)
2. Sylvia S. Gomes (Education Honours)
3. Elizabeth Vanessa Naser (Education Honours)
4. Kaneez Fatima (Education Honours)
5. Ibra Iqbal (Education Honours)
6. Jashodhara Bhose (Education Honours).
7. Prithvi Roy (Education honours)
8. Albiya Ehsani (Education honours)
9. Priyanshi Ghosh (History Department)
10. Safwana Rashid (Education Honours)
11. Sagarika Ganguly (History Honours)
12. Naba fatma (B. A. General)
13. Saheena Jabin (B. A. General)
14 Aakriti Bokaria (B. A. General)
15. Laiba Hassan. (Education honours)
16. Faustina Louis (B. A. General)