Badminton Tournament

The Games Society of Loreto College, Kolkata, organized a badminton tournament in the month of November. The tournament comprised of three series. The first series spanned over a period of two days. On November 7, 2022 the inter-departmental qualifying matches were held followed by the semi-finals and finals on November 9. 2022. The event was open to all undergraduate departments.

The second series was held on the November 19, 2022. It was a friendly teacher-student inter-departmental tournament. The qualifiers, semi-finals as well as the finals were held on the same day to experience an energetic, action packed, fun day and to provide an opportunity for friendly informal interaction between teachers and students.

The third and concluding series of this spectacular competition was the match between the B. Ed. and the M.A. English departments on November 26, 2022, which comprised both inter-departmental student matches as well as teacher- student friendly matches.

1. The winners of the inter departmental match on November 7 and 9, 2022 are:-

  • Economics Department – Winner (Tanisha Bazaz, Madhusha De, Tiyasha Mukherjee, Sanchi Goyal)

  • Education Department – 1st runner up (Samantha D’cruze, Namrata Tamang, Shagufta Zahir, Anoushka Tamang)

  • 2. The winners of the Teacher student match on 19th are :-
  • Economics Department – Winner ( Mr. Nilavo Roy, Dr. Satyabrata Kundu, Tanisha Bazaz, Sanchi Goyal)

  • History Department – 1st runner up ( Ms.Ingrid Rozario, Dr.Sanghita Sanyal, Devanshi Mehta, Meghna Ghosh)

  • 3. The winners of the match on November 26 are :-
  • B.Ed vs MA Students Match – B. Ed department (Archana Verma, Malabika Dey, Eliza Zaman, Suman K Rawat )

  • B.Ed vs MA Teacher Student Match – MA department (Dr. Dinaz JeeJeebhoy, Aashera Sethi, Mehar Nasim)

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