Say yes to the Paparazzi!

The Media Society organized an event on April 6, 2022 called Say yes to the Paparazzi! which required its participants to interview their fellow Loreto students around campus on the topic – Post COVID – 19 campus life at Loreto. Several participants belonging to all three years of the undergraduate programmes thronged the campus during the short break to pose as professional interviewees and note down the opinions of the interviewees. Some even took it up a notch and dressed up as reporters and hired a fellow participant to record the process of the interviews. After a short session of interviewing, the reporters took to the concert hall stage to present a well-versed report during the lunch break, in presence of the Media Society members and the Society heads. A few brilliant reports and live interviews later, it was decided by the judges that Sneha Ghosh, Debjani Biswas, and Ayona De Dhara, all belonging to the first-year, History department secured the first position, Sarah Aziz, Bijetree Das, Rayana Roy and Kouseyi Saha from the first year - English Honours secured the second position, and Srestha Dutta from second year English Honours bagged the third prize in the event.