Feedback from Students

Paroma Mukherjee


In 2016, I got a chance to pursue the 2 years B.Ed. course in Loreto College as a deputed teacher. It was an extremely demanding course not only because it groomed future educators but it focused on academic excellence along with honing finer facets like presentation skills, teamwork, time management, leadership and self-competencies. Every new task looked gruelling but I ended up discovering a better and more capable self which was so rewarding. The list of what I learnt is endless but apart from the myriad academic and professional skills that I could manage to acquire in these two years, I learnt to deliver effectively even with lurking deadlines. Faculty par excellence, brilliant infrastructure, splendid ambiance, wellequipped classrooms, a plethora of study material, lectures with interesting insights, a focus on individual personal development; Loreto had everything one could ask for but what set it apart was the moral fabric that so beautifully infused in me the Loreto values of humility, dedication, commitment and gratitude. The dedicated mentors inspired in me an urge to always go that extra yard to become a responsible teacher, to rise above my limitations and work with fullest integrity. It was undoubtedly one of the most exhaustive academic courses but it was the most profound and fulfilling as well.

Neha Imran


Loreto College has stood out as a beacon of hope for my grandmother, mother and myself. Having completed my English Honours and B.Ed. from Loreto, what has stood out for me the most is the splendid faculty, nurturing us into confident individuals ready to face the fast changing world. My journey at Loreto has been one filled with tremendous learning and personal development, be it within the four walls of the classroom or outside. I've witnessed myself grow throughout the years into a more holistic person.

Sweta Roy


The two years spent at Loreto College has shaped me into a person which I would have never envisioned by myself. The college has made me not only more confident but also a more responsible human being. With eminent professors to guide us and teach us the difference between right and wrong not only in our workspace but in life as well, education here has always been beyond just the four walls. I thank each professor of mine in their uncompromising devotion towards making this experience a very enriching one.

Lipika Kankaria


Loreto College has not only given me quality education but also a way of life. It has helped me grow and mature in multiple ways in the personal as well as professional spheres. The B.Ed Department has shaped me into a hardworking and responsible person along with sharpening my teaching skills. It has instilled in me the qualities of leadership, perseverance,dedication and commitment. I am pursing full-time PhD at present. I will forever be indebted to my college for teaching me much more than academics.

Arkamitra Das


Loreto College, Department of B.Ed. made me a true 'human being'. This premier institution has unlocked my full potential and the Loreto values that were so intricately weaved within our system, has molded me into an individual who is responsible, disciplined and conscientious. I seek to promulgate all the treasures that I have received from my college to the society at large. We have been taught that- "to be a good teacher, you need to be a good person" and I am truly indebted to my Department (B.Ed.) at Loreto College for shaping me into such an individual.

Radhika Ghosh


Loreto College has played an immense role in shaping me to be the person I am today. As a B.Ed. trainee, I was exposed to diverse opportunities and activities that not only nurtured my skills as a future teacher but also instilled in me confidence and self-awareness. The continuous guidance from the professors contributed to bring out the best in me. The Loreto values, specially the Community Outreach service which is an integral part of the college,inculcated in me the spirit of selfless love and helped me to be of service to others. In life whenever I have felt defeated, the words of our respected principal Sr. Christine have echoed in my ears, "If there is a will there is a way. If there is no way, make a way." Loreto College is an experience of a lifetime. Thank you, Loreto!