Online Lesson Observation

Department of B.Ed.: Report of Online Lesson Observation

Dates of observations: 5th and 10th February 2021

Students of Semester III of the Department of B.Ed., Loreto College, Kolkata, observed online lessons of teachers of Loreto Day School, Elliot Road, on 5th and 10th February, 2021, which was organized by Sister Christine Coutinho, Principal of Loreto College, Dr. Debika Guha, Head of Department of B.Ed., Loreto College, in collaboration with Sister Marilla Anne D'Souza, Principal of Loreto Day School, Elliot Road, Sr. K. Clara, Vice Principal of Loreto Day School, Elliot Road and Mrs. Govindraj, B.Ed. Coordinator, Loreto Day School, Elliot Road. The teacher trainees were divided into groups according to their respective school subjects by the Head of the Department Dr. Debika Guha and placed under different teachers of those subjects.

The teacher trainees observed online class lessons by teachers of Loreto Day School, Elliot Road from 8:30 am to 9:10 am; it was followed by an interactive session between the teachers and their allotted teacher trainees. It was an extremely enriching experience for each of the B.Ed. trainees as they became aware of the various technicalities involved in real-time school teaching, classroom management, eliciting responses from the students and also motivating and encouraging them to actively participate in class discussion. The teachers were very enthusiastic, passionate and energetic, thereby creating a very positive atmosphere. The teachers not only gave an enriching experience but also lessons for life. They were very creative and had innovative ideas to share with the trainees which will help the B.Ed. trainees immensely in future. It has created a major difference in the training of the students by observing a school teacher in a real classroom and observing aspects of voice modulation, nature of delivery, presentation of content, black board work through sharing screen, art of asking questions, student participation and effective use of teaching aids. Being a teacher is not easy and each one of the trainees learnt to appreciate and respect the skills of the teachers whose classes they observed. The B.Ed. trainees also observed and witnessed how the teachers involved the students and interacted with them throughout the class in an online mode of teaching to which they have adapted seamlessly.

The B.Ed. trainees are grateful for an insightful experience. Each of their questions were answered by the teachers with utmost patience. According to the trainees, these experiences and responses of the teachers will help them blossom as future teachers. The positivity and encouragement shown by the school teachers during such hard times are praiseworthy. The lesson observations will be forever etched in the minds and heart of each B.Ed. student.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Principal of Loreto College, Head of the Department of B.Ed. Loreto College, the Principal and Vice Principal of Loreto Day School, Elliot Road, the B.Ed. Coordinator of Loreto Day School, Elliot Road and the teachers for creating this opportunity, organising the lesson observations and for enriching the B.Ed. trainees.

Students of Semester III
Department of B.Ed.
Loreto College, Kolkata